Mike and Dave proudly present: Harmony Box

Here she is:

The UI

Get your downloads here:
Mac AU

These need to be installed by hand, in the usual way:
Mac AU: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
Mac VST: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST
Win VST: Wherever your VSTPlugIns folder lives

We look forwards to hearing what you think of these!

Also, if you really like this, and want to encourage us to add features, or maybe you reckon we should stick it to the man, and pour all our time into doing things like this.. let us know:

67 Responses to “Mike and Dave proudly present: Harmony Box”

  1. admin says:

    reduce the release time.

  2. admin says:

    it’s a synth, not an effect. feed it midi

  3. Vlad says:

    Cute little box! Thanks guys, and am I right assuming there’s no need to touch the black keys?
    @Ken: Just decrease the value of ’sust.’ knob on the right of the GUI. As a general rule, just about any synth (virtual or not) has some sort of ADSR envelope section (attack–sustain — decay — release). To make short notes the player should decrease sustain and release, and vice versa. Quite weird there’s no ‘attack’ knob in thi baby though.

  4. admin says:

    Touching the black keys is redundant in relative mode. It’s a question of how fast you can transpose in your head ;)

    The attack time is fixed as part of the sound ;)

  5. Jim Spiri says:

    Howdy: I love this VSTi! I put a song i made with it on soundcloud:


    it reminds me of Steve Reich, i find it powerful and beautiful.

    I intend to set the plugin up for controlling with my Novation Remote Zero. Can i control it with MIDI too? then i could simultaneously modify the volumes on the partials of two instances of Harmony Box, playing live (and could use long LFOs sending MIDI to vary cyclicly too)…

    Also my favorite scale/mode for healing and mind-melting is the Sarasawati, AKA Lydian flat7 (major scale with sharp 4 [tritone] and flat 7 [also the notes of the Scriabin 'mystic chord']).

    So i have a request: could you add a “Lydian flat 7″ mode? i can’t pay you as i am poor and live in my Toyota, but i’ll tell everyone about how cool you guys are, cuz you are… [and i'll make a video for you too if you'd like] thanks! -Jim

  6. Jim Spiri says:

    Using my Novation Remote Zero (MK1) to control the HarmonyBox works great! I’m planning to use it in a live performance (Ashland, Oregon) soon. I see that a WiiMote and Nunchuck can be used to send MIDI (using GlovePIE), that could be more interesting visually… for what i’m doing i spose i could use several easy-on-the-CPU synths, one for each note of my chord/scale/mode , each with sends for fx… actually i guess i could use 2 instances of Albino, it’s got 4 oscillators each separately [micro] tunable. Maybe there’s a synth with 8 oscillators… But the HarmonyBox works so great [for this] as is [and i wasn't even messing with the LFOs at all, they now have dedicated knobs on the Remote, too!]. i probly shouldn’t worry about the visuals anyway, once women start undulating no one will be paying attention to me anyway [as the Wizard of Oz said, 'Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain']. Maybe i strap the WiiMote to someone so her undulations are modulating the sound, kinda like the ‘ballet’ John Cage and Merce Cunningham did where the lighting was provided by tortoises with flashlights… thanks again -Jim [aka Death Row Tull]

  7. Bert Von D says:

    It’s a great synth to experiment with. But i was wondering are there any presets?

  8. knobtwister says:

    once I open Harmony Box as a VST in Ableton, how do I get sound out of it? Really curious to see what it can create, any help is much appreciated…

  9. knobtwister says:

    i installed it, how do you get sound out of this in Ableton? looking very forward to hearing what this synth sounds like

  10. Presto says:

    Awesome plugin. What would make it a even more fantastic tool is that it would work as a midi input converter, so that you can harmonize any instrument in Logic for example. another idea is adjustable delays for every note so that you get a strumming/harp like effect. if it had those 2 features i wouldn’t mind paying for it at all haha! thanks for this nice plugin!

  11. Presto says:

    oh one question, you posted 3 soundclips, the first 2 had a very different, synth/brass like sound. i only get this warm sound with no high frequencies. is the sound in the 3rd clip the final sound or is there a way to get the sound similar in the first 2 clips? i love that sound!

  12. Awesome plugin! Sounds great spread stereo. My only thought – PLEASE allow this to feed out midi notation! I’d love to use this in chordination with other vsts…. it’d be much more pun.

  13. film says:

    Great job, few bugs and it crashes, but gets what you need.

  14. Matt says:

    Hey guys i love this and think its a really clever little vst :) .

    jammed on it fine in FLstudio.. however my cubase is picking it up as an effect not an instrument.. Help?!? :)

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