MusicHackDay is over!

Wow, what a weekend.

MusicHackDay has drawn to a close, we’ve given our presentation, and here is the hack page.

We’re going to polish the UI a bit before we upload the binaries, but we should have plugins for you by tonight! :D

I’m struggling to write this over the temptation to just sit and play the synth… hope you enjoy it as much as we do! :D

MusicHackDay was a great experience; I had a great time, and it was awesome to meet so many people from the other side of the industry! There are some really talented guys making the interwebs sound good! Check out the hacks at the musichackday wiki!! Hopefully you’ll all get to play with MusicBore (the grand prize winner) sometime soon. It’s funny as hell!!

Thanks again to Dave@SoundCloud for letting us come along!!

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